Largest Independent Real Estate Agency in the area!

Welcome to Hometowne Realty!  We’re proud to serve Central Michigan as the largest independent real estate agency in the area!  Unlike larger services, we have the opportunity as a local alternative to provide our clients with personalized attention.  All our agents are ready to make your satisfaction their primary goal.  Purchasing property is a notoriously tricky business.  However, we possess the dedication and focus to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of real estate.

No Document Fees Charged to the Buyer or Seller!

Great Deals in Every Area of Real Estate

We want to encourage you to make Hometowne Realty your first and best resource for a variety of real estate needs.  Are you a first time home buyer?  Great!  That’s our specialty, and we can find you some wonderful deals.  However, if you’re looking to buy some empty land to develop or a commercial property to utilize, we can help you there as well.  Our business is to provide for a broad range of clients with diverse needs in real estate.

Our services are at your disposal to help you in your endeavors, including:

·         Purchasing a home

·         Conducting a property market analysis

·         Seeking vacant estate or commercial buildings

·         Selling any property

You can find additional information on these possibilities and more by browsing our site.  Take a moment to explore and discover what we have to offer.  Whether you’re completely new to buying property or a seasoned real estate investor, Hometowne Realty is ready to be your partner moving forward.

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